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Zithromax (azithromycin) is a prescription medicine that concerns the group of medications called macrolide anti-biotics. It is prescribed to deal with ear infections, skin infections, respiratory tract infections, in addition to venereal diseases. Unless your medical service provider informed you or else, take this drug on a vacant belly an hour before or a couple hrs after you have ate. Prior to you start the procedure make certain you notify your medical company of any health and wellness conditions that may influence your procedure, featuring kidney or liver condition, a record of lengthy QT disorder or a heart rhythm condition. A dosage change might be needed or you will require some additional examinations for the ideal dosage to be prescribed. Do not take Zithromax if you ever had a sensitive reaction to this drug. If you take it anyway you might have the normal symptoms of a sensitive reaction - hives, swelling of your face, tongue and neck and problem breathing. These signs require to be mentioned to the regional emergency clinic to prevent the scenario from becoming worse. Take Zithromax for as long as advised by your safety care service provider as otherwise not all the bacteria will be removed of your physical body and a relapse of infection is feasible.

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